Our Jungle Gyms on SPECIAL!


- NO additional costs for the installations will be charged.

- Delivery / travel costs are not included, and will be calculated according to your km's to and from our office.

- Choose your decks height, either at 1.2m or 1.5m high Cemented into the ground or Freestanding

(the structure is SAFELY above the ground, with additional bracing ect.)

- ALL the components become longer & taller with the 1.5m high option.

- ALL the swings sets are standard with GALVANISED D-SHAKKELS, however they can be exchanged for STAINLESS STEEL D-SHAKKELS, at an additional cost of R50,00 each, for longer durability.

- The listed combos, are ONLY for the cemented structures prices.

- We provide you with an option between two different toned outdoor, quick dry treatments, Umber or Walnut, which we give complementary, however the price will be shown on the quotation.

- You can add and remove the different components and/ or switch the position of your components on the deck.

- We have an Additional Components Brochure, which you can choose different components to add more,

fun activities!!!

- The images below are similar examples of the special, installed. NO additional safety is included in the price. 

- You will only be communicating or receiving quotations from a Simone Price.

Special 1
Special 2
Dreamer J
3. Monkey Bars attached.jpeg

Special 1

1.2m - was R12 800,00

now R11 900,00

1.5m - was R13 700,00

now R12 800,00

Special 2

1.2m - was R7 400,00

now R6 900,00

1.5m - was R7 900,00

now R7 400,00

Special 3

1.2m & 1.5m high decks attached

- was R12 900,00

now R12 200,00

Special 4

1.2m - was R14 700,00

now R13 700,00

1.5m - was R15 300,00

now R14 300,00

Special 5
Special 6
Special 7
Dreamer K

Special 5

1.2m - was R11 200,00

now R10 500,00

1.5m - was R12 100,00

now R11 400,00

Special 6

1.2m - was R10 700,00

now R9 900,00

1.5m - was R11 400,00

now R10 600,00

Special 7

1.2m - was R9 500,00

now R8 800,00

1.5m - was R10 000,00

now R9 300,00

Special 8

1.2m & 1.5m high decks attached

- was R19 100,00

now R17 900,00


              How we may assist you?

​1. You saw a Jungle Gym you liked on our website and you would like a quote or a price.

2. You would like to see all of our brochures via email. (Our freestanding prices are available on our brochures.)

3. You have a custom design in mind, and you would like to bring it to life.

4. You need a Jungle Gym removed and reinstalled.

5. You would like to have your Jungle Gym serviced, and/or new components added.

6. You simply want to add a new component/s to your Jungle Gym.

Thank you for submitting! Please note Simone does installations during the day & quotes at night!