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Our Jungle Gyms on SPECIAL!


- The images below are similar examples of the specials, installed.

- NO additional picket safeties are included in the prices listed below. 

- NO additional costs for the installations will be charged.

- Delivery / travel costs are not included, and will be calculated according to your km's to and from our office.

- Choose your decks height, either at 1.2m or 1.5m high Cemented into the ground or Freestanding

(the structure is SAFELY above the ground, with additional bracing ect.)

- ALL the components become longer & taller with the 1.5m high option.

- ALL the swings sets are standard with GALVANISED D-SHAKKELS, however they can be exchanged for STAINLESS STEEL D-SHAKKELS, at an additional cost of R50,00 each, for longer durability.

- The listed combos, are ONLY for the cemented structures prices.

- We provide you with an option between two different toned outdoor, quick dry treatments, Umber or Walnut, which we give complementary, however the price will be shown on the quotation.

- You can add and remove the different components and/ or switch the position of your components on the deck.

- We have an Additional Components Brochure, which you can choose different components to add more,

fun activities!!!

- You will only be communicating or receiving quotations from a Simone Price.

11.1. Slanted 1.8m Climbing Wall .jpeg

Special 1

1.2m & 1.5m

- was R11 300,00

now R10 500,00

Fun Time Range

Special 2

1.2m was R14 100,00

now R13 000,00

1.5m was R14 600,00

now R13 500,00

Monkey Bars, double swings & trapeze rings_edited.jpg

Special 3


Full set as per brochure

- was R7 400,00 

now R6 800,00 

Adventure F.jpeg

Special 4

1.2m - was R11 900,00

now R10 900,00

1.5m - was R12 600,00

now R11 600,00


Special 5

1.2m & 1.5m

was R20 200,00

now R18 800,00


Special 6

1.2m - was R10 900,00

now R10 100,00

1.5m - was R11 400,00

now R10 500,00

Ultra Range

Special 7

1.2m - was R27 400,00

now R25 400,00

1.5m - was R28 500,00

now R26 500,00

Adventure C.jpeg

Special 8

1.2m - was R9 100,00

now R8 400,00

1.5m - was R9 800,00

now R9 100,00

Dreamer J

Special 9

1.2m & 1.5m 

was R13 600,00

now R12 600,00

              How may we assist you?

Send your request directly to us, or we can send our special brochure via email. 

Thank you for submitting! Please note Simone does installations during the day & quotes at night!

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